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Volume 1 Issue 6 (June 2019)
R 75.00
Month of Issue:
June 2019

This issue is packed with articles that will give you something new to think about, read more about, or implement in your practice.

  • Transpersonal and Ethical Imperatives: An SACn Interview with Mokadi Mathye, National President of COMENSA
  • Accelerating Reflective Awareness: Conscious Development for Coaches by Dr Dorrian Aiken
  • Creating a Place for Critical Thinking in Reading and Writing for Coaching Research by Prof Jeanette Maritz
  • Research  Request: Topics in Coaching Conversations and How They Develop Through the Course of the Coaching Intervention from Prof Tatiana Bachkirova
  • EBP EnviroSCAN by Jacques Myburgh
  •  Living Beyond Liminality by Morné Nigrini
  • Toolkit for Managers- and Leaders-As-Coaches: Modelling the People Thing by Belinda Davies
  • Authentic Leadership (AL): The Need, Definition and AL Impact on Trust, Individual and Team Effectiveness, and on Organisational Commitment and Results by Dr Tineke Wulffers
  • Overcoming Barriers to Successful Team and Organisational Change (Part 3) by Michael Taylor
  • The Coach as an Athlete and Why Nutrition Matters (Part 3): #Brainfood, and How to Stay Focussed and Improve the Quality of Your Thinking by Tanya Alberts
  • Authenticity and Integrity in Marketing: A Coach Case Study by Megan Hudson
  • The Power of Reflection by Dr Jean Hazlitt
  • Neuroscience and the Coaching Conversation by Keith Mould
  • Teams and Team Coaching (Storming) by Veronica Wantenaar
  • Meta-Skills Underlying Coaching Skills by Jacques Myburgh
  • Helping Individuals in the Workplace Deal with Unhealthy 
  • Self Care for Coaches by Alex van Oostveen

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