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Prepare yourself and your clients to navigate the future, and increasing longevity with greater certainty.  This technical paper by Kay Darbourn of FutureRisk explores context, behaviour and options so that you have the opportunity to plan a far more predictable and less risky future.  Access your copy of the paper here.

FutureRisk IRMSA Paper - Longevity Risk & Opportunity by Kay Darbourn
The DNA of Self-Mastery by Dr Bill Price

The act of mastering...has its genesis in our unconscious competence, where we do what we do well without having to it analytically, and slowing down the cognitive mind to become aware of it.  Read more by downloading this article here.

SA Coaching News interview with Mokadi Max Mathye, National President of COMENSA

Following his May 2019 election to the position of National President of COMENSA, we interviewed Mokadi Max Mathye on his leadership style and vision for the future of COMENSA.  Access your copy of the interview here.

transpersonal and ethical imperatives: an interview with SA Coaching News