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Featured Article: articles selected by the editors for the calibre of their content and/or relevance to the monthly topic

International Perspective: an interview with a leader in the international coaching space
An African Perspective: insights from coaching practitioners working on the African continent
Evidence-Based Practice: developing the scientific practitioner, reflective practitioner and the informed practitioner
Case Studies: featuring case studies from practitioners
Toolkit for Managers– and Leaders-as-Coaches: a monthly column with a useful resource to support managers and leaders who are using a coaching approach as a management or leadership style
Coaching, Technology and the Future: a monthly column with regular contributions from experts on the use of technology in a coaching practice and how it will impact coaching into the future
Looking back and learning: 20/20 hindsight views on the development of coaching in South Africa, and what we can learn from our coaching pioneers
Build Your Practice: monthly articles ranging from marketing tips to how to run an effective system to support your coaching practice
Coaching Tools: a review of new and existing tools to enhance and complement your coaching practice
Book Reviews & Book Launches: curating a must-have collection of books that EVERY coach should have on their bookshelf
Coach Supervision: a challenging and mentally stimulating column that will hold up a mirror to you as a practitioner, and how you show up in your practice
Ethics in Coaching: we will feature monthly ethical dilemmas and call on 3 experienced coaches to give their opinion, views and approaches on how to deal with the situation
Coaching Psychology: every coach should have a basic literacy of the common psychological models that underpin coaching. This column will explore the basics as well as expose you to models that you may not be familiar with
Coach Training & Education: as professionals, we should be committed to on-going professional development. This column will look at how to choose the right training provider, setting an annual training and development budget and identifying potential growth areas among other things
Events Calendar: a round-up of events and learning opportunities being offered locally, internationally and online by coaching professional bodies

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