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All ads must be submitted as 300dpi JPG or PNG images only.


PS: We also offer basic design and layout of ads (at an additional fee) if you don't have someone to do it for you or you are unable to send it to us in the right format.

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Dimensions (mm)

Standard Rates

1/8 page ad in Events Listing

Landscape: 60mm (h) x 90mm (w)

Portrait: 90mm (h) x 60mm (w)

R250 per insertion

1/6 page

90mm (h) x 90mm (w)

R375 per insertion

1/4 page

Landscape: 65mm (h) x 190mm (w)

Portrait: 140mm (h) x 90mm (w)

Portrait banner: 280mm (h) x 42.5mm (w)

R500 per insertion

1/3 page

Landscape: 60mm (h) x 280mm (w)

Portrait: 90mm (h) x 190mm (w)

R750 per insertion

1/2 page

Landscape: 135mm (h) x 190mm (w)

Portrait: 280mm (h) x 90mm (w)

R1,000 per insertion

Full page

280mm (h) x 190mm (w)

R1,500 per insertion

Terms & Conditions:

  1. SA Coaching News reserves the right to withhold publication of unsuitable advertising material that may be offensive or contravene any South African laws;
  2. For any adverts requiring design and layout, all material (copy and images) must be submitted 5 working days prior to the material deadline above;
  3. The design fee includes 1 revert (amendment or change) by the advertiser;
  4. Design and layout will only commence once payment has been received in full in the SA Coaching News bank account;
  5. It is the advertiser's responsibility to proof-read and check that all information contained in the ad is correct;
  6. No changes to ads will be accepted after the published material deadline dates above;
  7. SA Coaching News, its publishers and staff do not accept liability for failure to publish the ad if not received in good time from the advertiser, or if payment for the placement of the ad has not been received in full in the SA Coaching News bank account;
  8. Ads will be published as received and SA Coaching News does not take responsibility for any errors or loss of quality if the advertisers fails to provide suitable material as detailed above.  Material received will be assumed to be supplied in the correct size and format as stipulated;
  9. SA Coaching News' rates do not include agency commission.
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