We are fiercely passionate about coaching and about giving coaching practitioners - or anyone associated with coaching - the tools, knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and to develop their professional expertise.


We embrace mindful originality, visionary thinking and ingenuity with authenticity underpinning our approach to sourcing material that will inspire a passion for coaching, optimism for the future, and unlock a love of on-going learning and development.


It all started with a series of WhatsApp messages on 27th November 2018 between two like-minded people, both of us passionate about coaching and about creating a credible, information-packed, must-have resource for anyone involved in - or interested in - coaching. 

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Key to unlocking the potential in coaching

Our team

Megan Hudson specialises in working with coaches to identify their niche in an increasingly commoditised market using a model that she has developed over many years. She believes that being able to be clear and explicit about the work that you do is fundamental to successfully marketing your practice without spending a cent.  Megan gets all of her coaching work by word-of-mouth referrals. 


Her background has been in the fields of marketing, advertising and PR. Having run her own businesses since 2001, she is also an experienced entrepreneur with coaching expertise and training experience.

She also runs a workshop: “Market Your Practice Without Spending A Cent©”, has been a guest lecturer at the Entrepreneurship Academy of Southern Africa and at the Pretoria Work-based Learning Centre, and was approved as an external lecturer at the University of Pretoria. Her workshop was internationally accredited by the International Coach Federation for Continuing Education Points. She has appeared in the media: on radio, TV, in specialist and consumer magazines and in the press.

For more details, and to see what people have to say about Megan's work visit her website: http://www.withoutspendingacent.com

Jacques Myburgh is a qualified Executive Coach, having graduated with distinction from the University of Stellenbosch Business School with a master’s degree in executive coaching. He works in all aspects of organisations, with particular attention given to personal transitions and organisational change dynamics.

Jacques runs various workshops, including the Manager/Leader-as-Coach, equipping the leaders of tomorrow with coaching skills and a coaching leadership style.


As management consultant he often works with small/medium-sized companies, building, and tracking their business performance, through business dashboards and balanced scorecard systems. His work includes strategy facilitation, strategic marketing develoment, and programme design and planning.


As researcher Jacques participates in various research-related activities, including the management of annual surveys for employee satisfaction, employee engagement, values 360 survey andresearch consultation for coaching students. He participates in research activities in conjunction with the University of Stellenbosch Business School related to coaching, supervision in coaching and the project leader as coach.



By the end of the WhatApp conversation, we had a name, a domain and an outline of what we would want to find in a coaching magazine for the South African and African industry and had set an appointment for our first meeting of our values-based partnership, and were going to have a busy Festive Season creating our new baby. 


Having been involved in the coaching industry  and profession for a combined total of almost 30 years, we have created something that we would like as a resource as coaches.  We hope you will find it valuable and will appreciate any suggestions, tips or comments as we build this resource.  But it's time to meet the team.

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