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SACoachingNews was co-founded on the 27th Nov 2018 by Jacques Myburgh and Megan Hudson - both passionate about coaching and the coaching profession. We wanted to give coaching practitioners the tools, knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and to develop their professional expertise.


Since Sep2019 Megan has being pursuing further interests and Jacques is continuing with SACoachingNews as publisher.


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Jacques Myburgh is a qualified Executive Coach, having graduated with distinction from the University of Stellenbosch Business School with a master’s degree in executive coaching. He works in all aspects of organisations, with particular attention given to personal transitions and organisational change dynamics.

Jacques runs various workshops, including the Manager/Leader-as-Coach, equipping the leaders of tomorrow with coaching skills and a coaching leadership style.


As management consultant he often works with small/medium-sized companies, building, and tracking their business performance, through business dashboards and balanced scorecard systems. His work includes strategy facilitation, strategic marketing development, and project/programme design and planning.


As researcher Jacques participates in various research-related activities, including the management of annual surveys for employee satisfaction, employee engagement, values 360 survey and research consultation for coaching students. He participates in research activities in conjunction with the University of Stellenbosch Business School related to coaching, supervision in coaching and the project leader as coach.


Currently, Jacques volunteers as the chairperson of the COMENSA Research Portfolio Committee and as a member of the COMENSA Social and Ethics Committee, and is a credentialed COMENSA Senior Practitioner.